Hi, I’m Elaine.
You’re in the right place. I’m here to help you become your best self and rekindle your connection with what matters most to you.

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Hi, I’m Elaine!


After years of marriage, a successful career, and a lifestyle most of my friends would long for…

…I discovered that this popular version of success had become something I wanted to escape from.

Sure, on paper everything looked pristine. But the reality was that I built emotional silos and compartmentalized my feelings to the point that I completely cut myself off from the innermost source of my strength…my soul.

The person I believed deep down I was meant to be was nowhere to be found.

I wanted to find my way back to my soul and start saying “YES!” to me.

And so I went on a journey of self discovery. A journey that filled my soul back up. That helped me discover what I really wanted in my life and allowed me to experience pure joy and happiness again. To this day a life that feels rich and full of meaning.

A road that has now brought you to me.

If you crave something more, but can’t quite put your finger on what’s missing…

If you know something needs to change in your life…

…but the thought of sharing your discontent and being judged terrifies you…

If you’ve been driving this frustration inward and doubled down on being the perfect spouse, the perfect business partner, the perfect parent.

…and find the thankless task of keeping up appearances is starting to exhaust you…

If you feel that the well of creativity you used to draw on for inspiration has completely dried up.

…and find yourself chasing novelty, anything to distract you from the numbness inside…

I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

“There is only one you…precious, unique, and here with a purpose.”

How can you realign with your core values and define your own version of success?

What steps do you need to take to discover your unique gifts and share them with the world?

How can you reclaim your sense of wonder about the world we live in? Where do you even start?

By joining me on this journey you will discover your own answers to these questions…


Elaine Glass is a Certified Master Life Coach, Advisor, and Speaker.

Elaine takes her clients through a process in which she helps them discover their path to what matters most in life.

She supports men and women to lead the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

After graduating from Northwestern University, Elaine’s career path brought her to a profession in dental hygiene in which she cared for thousands of patients over 30 years.

At the height of a successful career, Elaine found herself at an emotional crossroads.

Instead of feeling a sense of accomplishment and deep satisfaction with where her life had taken her, all she felt was disconnected and unfulfilled.

Not knowing what to do with these challenging feelings, she began to work with her emotions instead of against them.

Slowly, but surely, she gained the tools she needed to reclaim her life and regain her sense of joy and inner peace.

All of which led her to the breakthroughs she shares with her clients today.

Elaine’s coaching practice is focused on showing people how to embrace change, quiet their mind, and unlock their hidden gifts in a safe, judgment free space.

She is passionate about helping people understand why they are stuck, where the conflict or inner struggle they face comes from, and how to stop making choices from a place of fear.

She has witnessed hundreds of people within professional and personal relationships thrive because of her methods and coaching.

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The most important and meaningful conversation I’ve ever had was the one in Arizona with Coach Elaine. She was speaking at a conference I was attending. During a break I asked her for some guidance regarding my career change. In an instant she had a clear vision for me. I will never forget the way she listened to my soul that day. I continue working with Coach Elaine because her insights and wisdom can’t be missed and have helped me in more ways than I can write here.


Simply the best coach! Elaine was always on time, positive, knowledgable, and in tune to what I most needed.


Get tips to living your best life

Get tips to living your best life