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5 signs that you need time away

5 signs that you need time away

5 signs to know you need time away

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”


At my worst and in most desperate times, I took notice that the gift of travel opened my heart and let the light back in.


There were months I’d hop on a plane to ‘nowhere’ but to ‘everywhere’.
Like the time I set off on a Mexican adventure.
A stressed out, burned out, mom of two small boys finally realized a break would do her good. I embarked upon a journey of uncertainty.
My final destination: San Miguel de Allende.
I landed in the middle of the night. The taxi drove me to the hotel and sped off leaving me in what felt like a Hollywood movie set.
My goal for that year was to live outside my comfort zone and I was living up to that promise during this vacation to central Mexico.


The first morning brought excitement and wonder.
After just a few hours exploring this magical land, I felt more creativity then I’d felt in years. My heart was slowly opening again and I felt alive.
The increase in my own heart connection exploded and suddenly life seemed to make sense again.
Stress dropped off me like water.
There stood the me that I knew before life swung a few punches.
Do you crave more creativity, more wonderment, more love and self expression?


• Do you long for an escape?
• Have you lost creativity?
• Have you been feeling stuck?
• Are you going through a transition?
• Are walls surrounding your heart?


Listen to your heart. It knows how to heal itself.
After one week in Mexico, my heart had opened again.
The experience of gaining new perspectives was exactly what I needed.
Travel allows you to escape down a path that eventually leads to the rest of your life!



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