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Love Yourself and Leap

Love Yourself and Leap

Love Yourself and Leap



o everyone else my life was perfect and full of joy…


He drove the shiny black Lexus and I drove the Mercedes SUV mom car. We had ski vacations and beach vacations. We would come back to our big home with its spiral staircase and chandeliers…


But on my 41st birthday, I CHOSE to be in a dark and cold movie theatre alone.


I had lost so much by this point. I had lost my joy, my self respect, and my inner peace.  I felt like I had wasted so many precious years feeling bad.


Have you ever felt so angry that you stayed in a relationship too long, or a job too long, or mindset too long?


I declared on that birthday that I was worthy of joy, self respect and inner peace. I signed the divorce papers a few months later.


It was the first time I gave myself permission to LEAP.


The night I signed the divorce papers I sat with three close girlfriends and told them the news. They couldn’t believe what I was throwing away!
They were responding to the FACTS of my life… the materialism and money.
The very next morning at my son’s soccer game, I shared the news with three older women friends, 20 years my senior.  They responded to the FULFILLMENT of my life, like being happy, being honored, and sharing lasting love with someone. These women had a lesson for me that day.  They said, “Elaine, don’t waste 20 years, don’t even waste one year, don’t waste one day of your life.”


They validated my leap that day.
The leap maybe they wished they had taken.


Have you ever allowed self punishment, fear of failure or fear of success to hold you back from your dreams?
I know you wouldn’t be here reading this today if you hadn’t made some leaps in your life.  I am here today as your reminder to keep leaping and to keep moving yourself forward.  I am here as a reminder not to waste a minute of your precious life.


Pay attention to the signs that show up in your life that tell you to stop wasting precious moments.


I was learning this lesson of not wasting my precious life from my patients too.  Years of sitting side by side as a dental hygienist hearing thousands of people’s stories, seeing their cancers, their broken teeth, and their broken dreams.


Like the time Mr. Tomas told me the doctors had given him a 5% chance of living only three months, or when Ben shared the news his son had overdosed on heroine. Both of these men told me not to wait to do what I really wanted to do in life.
Then it hit me, and I realized that I was not making the most out of my life. It was time for another leap!


Think about someone you know living this way right now.
What is causing them not to leap?
Is it fear, lack of self worth and love?


I practiced building my leap muscles when I decided to challenge myself to a year that I called, “Living Out Of My Box.”
Every month I would choose an activity that I had never done before even if it was scary or uncomfortable.


January was Toastmasters, March was Reiki training, July was Tai Chi, and November was Life Coaching class.
By the end of the year, my purpose had been revealed.  I had reentered life again with much more confidence and clarity and it felt so good!
I even had the courage and confidence to leap out of the 30 year dental hygiene career and into what I was called to do.  I followed my voice that kept whispering to GO FOR IT!


Do you ever hear those whispers?
Are they getting louder?


Ignoring these whispers can cause depression, disease, and dissatisfaction.


The day I signed my divorce papers, I felt like I was jumping off of a cliff, not knowing where I’d land.
But I knew if I didn’t, the last remaining part of my soul would break away.


How precious is your life and what have you yet to choose to move yourself forward into your greatness?


I know you wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t already made many leaps in your life.
I am so proud of you.
I believe in you.
I see your greatness too.


Nearly 10 years have passed since I sat with my friends and shared my divorce news.
I occasionally check in on them to see how they are doing.
So many have decided to choose the comfortable and safe lifestyle.  But I see in their faces and hear in their voices sadness and defeat.
Life I tell them is meant to be fully lived.
Do not waste a day.


I am still leaping into my greatness and I am not stopping anytime soon.
Please find a way to leap with me.
Find what moves you and let’s leap together into a life of real truth and joy!





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