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Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

Finding Mr. or Mrs. Right

STOP and look around. He/She is there, right in front of you. The one with the pencil skirt or the one with the baseball hat. You can feel them nearby as they approach you. Their energetic pull is indescribable at first. You may not be sure of what you’re feeling but it is almost like the feeling of your roof of your house blowing off! Their presence is almost too much to bear.


Then this happens: doubt and fear.

But it felt so good for a minute.


What you need to know to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right has often times nothing to do with what they are wearing, nothing to do with what they are even saying, and all to do with how your energy responds to their energy. There’s no woo woo stuff going on here I promise. Just real life Einstein statistics.


Like energies attract like energies.


This secret that most people around the water cooler won’t share. The notion that we as human beings, when fully present and aware of our surroundings, can choose friends, employees, and life partners based upon how we feel when we are around them.


Getting in tune to your own energy is the first step.

Finding places that fill your soul and make your heart sing will begin to fine tune your positive energy output.

Look at it like a guitar that hasn’t been finely tuned in years and begins to play a melody. The melody falls flat to all who listen to it and no one is attracted to its sound.

Your energy has a beautiful harmonic sound. People who can hear it and feel it will instantly connect with you. The best part is when it feels like deep love and connection.


To fine tune your energy, find what excites you and what brings you joy.


Each time you have these experiences it will add another layer to your loving heart. As humans, we feel one’s heart before anything else.

Leading with your heart will never steer you wrong.

Remember, our energy extends feet away on all sides of the body, so that person from even across the street could be Mr or Mrs Right.

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