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When The Storm You Choose Leads To Peace

When The Storm You Choose Leads To Peace

When The Storm You Choose Leads To Peace



looked around to see what else I might want to leave with.
I mostly left with pictures and my personal belongings.
If you only had a few hours left in your family home, what would you want to take with you?


In the hurry, confusion, guilt, and pain of the unknown,
I left a thirteen year marriage.
My soul felt half burned, yet I had hope and faith life would be better.


It’s hard to handle being left and difficult when you are the one who decides to leave.


In the years leading up to my decision, I became detached from important emotions like love, empathy, and compassion. I was just trying to get through the days. Only those closest to me knew my struggles.
I did a good job of hiding the truth from so many.
When you do that for long enough, you yourself begin to believe the lies.


Are there things you are currently looking away from?
Painful realizations that get swept under the rug only to deal with them years later?
What we do not handle, we cannot heal. What we do not feel, we cannot heal.


I lost the ability to know WHAT I REALLY WANTED.
There was so much swirling in my mind. I had hit rock bottom where there are no more lies to tell.


Have you allowed your “monkey mind” to take over? And are you unsure of your ability to make clear choices in life because of the noise all around?


Difficult decisions come in waves of whispers.


What happens now?


Is this the right move?


The body feels lifeless.


You want to run away,


You don’t know where to turn.


You think you can deal with it all,
until you sink deeper into the chaos.


The children see all of this.


They didn’t ask for this.
They want their childhood back.
They don’t want to go through the pain.
They want to feel safe and secure.
Isn’t that what parents want most to give to kids?


I made the powerful decision to transform my life and I needed to do it quickly. When kids are struggling, they need a strong and healthy parent to love and support them.
I made it my mission to be that parent.


There are books, videos, and articles to help with this transformation into health again.
There is also searching within and finding out what you really want in life. I call this Getting Quiet with ourselves and it’s a daily self care ritual that guides my next steps.


Imagine if you could be that thriving parent.


My intention for my work in this world is to help parents bounce back even better after difficult moments.
I know you can be even better than before.
You can do this.
I believe in you.
Our children need us to guide them to their purpose.


It’s been nine years since I left.
My soul and the souls of my family have healed.
Through love and commitment to one another, we have overcome a lot of pain.
It took some years.
Many times we reached out of our comfort zone to grow.
We learned how to live a healthy life; a life of love, friendship, peace, and harmony.
We got quiet and searched to find truth from our inner voice.
We no longer look away from what needs to be handled.
I am here to support today. Reach for help. You don’t have to go it alone.

You will find love, joy, and peace again.





P.S. Please email me if you are facing a difficult decision and I will send you my very best support.


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