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The Art of Getting Quiet

The Art of Getting Quiet

The Art of Getting Quiet ~ Your Way

Life is difficult and fast paced.
You wake up one morning and realize that the pace you need to keep up with is making you feel angry, anxious and confused.
How did life become so fast?
How did life become difficult?
How can I slow this train down?


Your thoughts may sound like one of these:


“But people rely on me.


I have deadlines.
I have mouths to feed.
I’m gaining weight and feeling down.
It’s noisy around me everywhere I go.
I can’t hear myself think.
Who am I?
How did I get these friends?
I haven’t seen my family in months.”


The list is endless.
You can plug in whatever thoughts repeat for you.
The point here isn’t to stay negative. It’s ok to have these thoughts because
you begin to acknowledge what’s not working in life and can make an immediate shift.
I believe in baby steps. I love small steps you can do right now.
I’m happy you have come here to get more solace and peace.
Your new life’s pace will look more like self love actions.


Are you ready for your next step on your road to Getting Quiet?
Here are a few ideas you may like.


Which one feels right for you?

1. DECLARE a designated quiet room/space in your home.
This can be made into a fun game for kids as well.
2. Get Quiet with a friend. Take a walk or a drive together and don’t speak.
Feel what it’s like to just Be in the company of someone else.
3. Become aware of thoughts that you repeat.
The moment you think one, Stop and Drop the thought.
Imagine it falling into the earth and never to be realized again.
4. Your Breath is your ‘Home base’ for quiet.
It’s the place where you can always begin again.


Which one of these will you choose?
Use your imagination to create your own quiet.



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